Here I am …… I am Enough! Your “Past” does not determine your “Future”

What have you been told in the past that has stunted your growth, knocked your confidence or has not allowed you to move forward?

Growing up I was always told that I am a big boned person, I was told by my maths teacher that I was not good enough, I was told not to study psychology because I am too soft, etc. etc. etc. The list is endless of what I was told I am and what I am not enough of.

This unnecessary feedback that I had never asked for stunted my growth. I never felt thin/small enough or I never felt smart enough to study further after school. I wish I had learnt sooner to trust my own opionion more.

As I have matured I have learnt that I cannot continue to live in the past of what others decided I am and what they decided I was capable of. I could choose to view myself by what others said or form my own opinion. So I decided to be courageous and trust myself and form my own opinion. I have realised that all of the above and so much more is not true.

I am beautiful enough, smart enough, tough enough ……………I am enough!

Changing my attitude about how I see and trust myself has made me go on to achieve things I never thought I would. My confidence has sky-rocketed. My friendships have improved. I wear my bikini with pride. I have studied at UCT Business School. I challenge myself daily to get out of my comfort zone and do what scares me the most.

Are you ready to gain the Self-Confidence that you are worthy of? What thoughts and opinions are you going to change about yourself today to assist you in moving forward to a brighter and happier future?

TRUST YOURSELF………. You got this!!!

Beeeg Hugs Robyn xxx

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