Bella Donna Cape Town – Robyn Andrade Toms 

My goal as a Life Coach and owner of Bella Donna Life Skills and Finishing Classes below:

I had spent too many years second guessing myself, unsure of which direction to go in and lacking the confidence to make a change and stand out in a crowd.

Fear was holding me back.

I grew up hiding in the background, always trying to play it safe, I was terrified of excelling and becoming noticed, the terror of public speaking and all the other important life skills I shied away from.

I tried to minimize myself and let others shine without realizing that we can all shine together 24/7/365.

At Bella Donna Coaching we give tips, ideas and the tools to turn your lives around to have the Self-Confidence and the Life Skills to THRIVE in every area of your lives.

Life is short so let’s make the most of our time loving our lives, loving ourselves, having loads of fun while succeeding in all areas of our lives.

With many years’ of experience in Hospitality Management, Sales & Marketing, as a Wellness & Success Life Coach and Owner of Bella Donna Life Skills & Finishing Classes I am passionate about making a difference.

A bit about me:
I am Happily Married for the last 26 years to my Hunk of a Husband Wayne, I am a Mother to a Gorgeous 23-year-old daughter called Carmen and a Handsome 20-year-old Son called Claude.

They are studying at Stellenbosch University and I am super proud of both of them.
I am South African, a born and bred Capetonian, who loves being outdoors in nature.

I love travelling to new destinations and meeting new people.
My Motto is Live Life Today.
I Love having fun and enjoy loads of LOL’s J

I would like to dedicate my Bella Donna coaching sessions to all the strong women I know

that never give up no matter what life throws at them.

Their strength, wisdom and resilience inspire me to do and be better.

My Mother is one of those women who I admire. Thanks, Mum You Rock. Xxx

Bella Donna Coaching is designed in a way to build up your Self-Confidence and assist you in living the life of your dreams.

Bella Donna Coaching has a broad list of subjects that help you to make a success in all the important areas of your life.

Life is about finding the balance and my dream, and my goal is that you get this by putting the many ideas I have outlined in the Bella Donna Coaching into practice.

For a one-on-one coaching session or Group Coaching Sessions in Cape Town or one of our other provinces then please contact me on:


Bella Donna Durban – Westville & La Lucia – Maggie Naidoo

I am Maggie Naidoo, a Registered Nurse by profession for the past 28 years. Worked within the private hospital sector for several years, thereafter in private practice doing health coaching and patient education.

I am widowed for the past 7 years, with a beautiful teenage daughter, Dharusha.

Life and its circumstances have shaped and groomed me into the strong, courageous, vibrant and spiritual person I am today.

God is the center of everything I do in my life. Making a difference in people’s lives is what drives me. I always want to exceed my own expectations, using a holistic approach, to go above and beyond for every person I meet or encounter, always ensuring that I meet their expectations. (Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual, Physical, Financial)

People are special, we all have needs, some are able to voice them and some not.

Bella Donna is the perfect medium for me to give back, to up-skill, motivate, inspire and encourage people to reach greater heights and exceed their own expectations as well.

Making positive impacts on people lives, watching them transform into strong, confident beings, I believe is priceless.

“As a man thinketh, so is he “– We determine who we are and who we become.

Lets skill our daughters to change the mindset of negative thoughts, by increasing power and energy, promoting self-worth, self-esteem a nd confidence, building courageous and bold women for our future.

I look forward to partnering with you to cause these explosive waves of empowerment to all our beautiful young ladies and women out there.


Bella Donna Durban City – Jayshree Naidoo

My name is Jayshree Naidoo.

My main passion and purpose in life is to reach out and ignite the fire in one’s imagination of what is truly possible and that is within your reach.

Furthermore, to live a meaningful, purposeful and extraordinary life with the life skills tools Bella Donna will provide.

I find that there are a great need and demand for classes of this type and I am privileged to embark on this new journey to lead by example and assist young girls and women to discover that true wealth really lies inside of them and there is no need to look further than themselves.

I reside in Bluff which is the South Suburbs of Durban.

I am a proud single mum to 2 adult boys and I am engaged to be married soon to a wonderful man who I have begun a new chapter in my life with.

Spending 18 years in the car rental industry, moving in different divisions of the company and now placed in finance coupled with my part-time group manager position with a Beauty House.

I am involved with recruiting, training and motivating my team which has brought me to this point of my life where I have decided to spread my wings and my love, therefore, I am positive that partnering with Bella Donna Durban will make a lasting impact on the young girls and women who I will come into contact with.

I am proud to have obtained my certificate in Business Management and a certificate in Beauty Technology.

I look forward to meeting you all.


Bella Donna Namibia – Dedre Browning

Being raised in the public eye and in the ministry, I am passionate about the restoration and transformation of individuals, families, communities and countries.

I have been in ministry since the age of 5 but then found myself absorbed into the corporate environment since I have left school, being trained as an Industrial Inspector and later on a Manager at Truworths in my early twenties.

I then started my own business that focused on Social Economic Development within the Mining Industry while I stepped into the political Arena for a season.

I have assisted various institutions in developing curriculums with regards to leadership and the building blocks of success.

This ignited my passion for radical transformation and BALANCE.

I have studied aspects of Psychology, Theology and in the interim became a Certified Personal Trainer.

While being a single mom of 3 beautiful girls, joining an International company and being employed as an executive assistant, it gave me the opportunity to get involved in other projects after hours.

I have recently registered an NPO with projects that we are in the process of presenting to the Namibian Government.
Bella Donna Life Skills & Finishing Classes became part of my Vision and Passion as we are working on developing a balanced and principled younger generation that will be effective,
maximizing their potential in every sphere of life.

Bella Donna Soweto – Neo Mashele

We are Blessed and Privileged to Welcome Neo Rirhandzu Mashele to The Bella Donna Team representing us in Soweto.
Neo is a Community Worker who has been actively involved in City Council.
As a former debutante, during her High School years, she realised that there is a need to develop “Young Ladies” into “Future Leaders” in society.
Her passion is Community development ………… specifically Women Development.
Some of Neo’s other Talents & Passions are Entertaining, Etiquette, Event Planning and Public Speaking.