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  • Bella Donna started in 2008 based on the concept of a traditional Swiss Finishing School & not only offers Etiquette Coaching but also Life Coaching.

  • We want you to live your best life by THRIVING & not just surviving. Are you ready to up-level your life? We are excited to help you get started.

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Bella Donna Testimonials

  • I can say with the biggest smile, love and care in my heart that Robyn's Life Coaching has changed a big part of my life and that she helped me to see the true me. I have improved self-confidence and my respect and understanding of other people has improved too. It is now like a natural thing for me. I would recommend this Life Coaching any time. Thank you Robyn.

    Phillip de Bruyn Luxury Safari Travel Agent
  • I had the pleasure of doing a number of coaching sessions with Bella Donna. All I can say is that it was a 'game changer' for me. I realised so much more about myself in the process and it helped me to see a clearer path for my future. I highly recommend this Lifestyle Coaching.

    Mandy Ross Montessori School Owner
  • The value of life coaching can never be overstated. Robyn understands how to effectively coach someone to realise their goals. As she did for me.

    Marios Michaelides Development Manager
  • I feel like the heavy load on my shoulders has been removed. My body feels light.

    Stella Mdutyana Business Woman
  • Robyn has an entrepreneurial and distinctive mindset. Because of her dedication and purpose anyone can benefit from her coaching. Robyn's coaching is a combination composed of different approaches to meet real needs of each individual.

    Andile Sigasana Businessman and Life Coach
  • Robyn is an awesome Life Coach with a never give up and positive attitude. She is caring and considerate. She has guided me to a better life by supporting me through tough obstacles. She never lets you give up by always making you focus on the bigger and better picture.

    Barbara a Telephonic/Skype Coaching Client Theatre Nurse
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