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My name is Robyn Andrade Toms. I am a proud South African, who last year, at the young age of 50 ;) decided to get out of my comfort zone and explore my heritage and I moved to Portugal. Some might call it a midlife crisis. LOL! The truth is that it was always part of my goals to travel more and eventually retire in Portugal. I wanted to live the simple life, a more balanced life where I could have the freedom to follow my passion of helping others reach for the stars but not losing myself and still have the time to be creative growing a herb, fruit and veggie patch, cook up a delectable storm and most importantly have the daily chance to get into nature and restore my soul. I was ready for change after my 2 children, Carmen and Claude, immigrated to the UK. Besides I would be a short flight away from them. Teehee! Can't get away from Mum that easily, especially that I am going to become a Vovó (Granny) soon to a cutie called Santiago. Whoop Whoop! Exciting times ahead. BUT ... it was time to focus on ME for a change and what ignites my soul for the first time in many years. I am a Life Coach who is fiercely passionate about making a difference. I have assisted many people in following their dreams. I have helped them create the roadmap and all the steps to reach their goals. I am also very passionate about helping people get out of their fear/comfort zones and try new experiences and while doing that, as a bonus, sky rocketing their happiness and self-confidence. One of my clients took a few months off work to write a book, one started a Montessori school, another unblocked his past trauma so that he could live a happier and more peaceful life. So many incredible and beautiful transformations that I have been blessed to be a part of. My Mantra is Live Life TODAY! Soooo .... Are you ready to be Fierce, Fearless, Feisty and Fabulous? I have the gift of seeing the potential in people that they cannot see in themselves. Let's have some "Fun" exploring and creating a super bright and exciting future for YOU to look forward to. xxx

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