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Doubt & Fear

Doubt & Fear

The definitions of Doubt and Fear in English:
Uncertainty and belief that something bad that might happen.

We all have these exciting ideas and plans of what we would like to achieve and do but then….
Fear and Doubt step into the party.

These are normal human behaviours that we all experience at some time or another.
This is normally where change happens and normally what we experience when we are about to do something really important that could affect our lives.
E.g. Job interview, prospective new customer, asking a girl or guy out etc.

I am not talking about fear in the sense of danger or fear in the sense of something that is life threatening. I am talking about a good fear that makes you feel alive but nervous for the awesome possibilities that might take place.

The secret is to not let Doubt and Fear hold our thoughts for too long.
We have to move on swiftly to more positive thoughts, as that is where the real action happens.

The best time to act on your goal is when you are feeling positive and hyped up.
Normally if you do not act on it, it is because you do not really want it badly enough or your intuition is telling you it is not right for you. If you have been thinking about it for a long time then don’t wait! Go For It!

Your beliefs, feelings and actions come from what you observe and think.
So if you are thinking of doubt and fear then that is how you will feel and this will stop you from reaching your full potential.

You have so much to share with the world. Individual talents that are authentic to you.
Don’t be stingy ……… You are worthy of Uncovering your Magnificence and sharing it with us!

Start using words like Fearless, Confident, Worthy etc. to describe yourself.
What you say about yourself is what you will believe. This is what you portray to the world and this is how the world will react to you.

I tell myself every morning “You look gorgeous, now go out and have a great day!”
This is what I then believe (as long as I do not look in the mirror again until the end of the day) and I normally have a fantastic day feeling good about myself and confident to walk into any room or situation. :

It’s your choice ………what do you choose?
So guard your thoughts! Only Positivity allowed in.


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