Are you ready for change? #GOALS :)

Are you still stuck in 2018 with the same routine and the same obstacles? Are your tired of staying in the same place and you don’t know how to change your ways and move forward? Does fear, self-doubt and lack of confidence stop you from achieving your goals and dreams?

No worries as most of us feel the same way! It is difficult to move forward when we still have the same outdated thinking pattern. Normally it is “I am not good enough or experienced enough” or you could be thinking “I have tried that before and I will just fail again.” Another one is “Everyone will laugh at me” or “I am not clever enough.”

Do you catch yourself with negative thinking when you want to do or try something new? You need to change your default mindset to a positive default setting before you even begin to try set and reach new goals. With a negative mindset you will not succeed, you will fail and stay in the same place with no positive change. With a positive mindset, anything is possible. Spend at least a week practising turning every negative thought that pops up into your mind with a positive thought.

Only once you have achieved this you can move on to the next phase of setting your goals.

Stage 2 is taking time out to plan your goals and the steps you will take to reach them. Setting the goal is the easy and fun part, it’s the putting them into action that is critical. For each goal, you will have to put small goals in place to reach the main goal and you have to put a time frame on each goal. For example, your main goal is to lose 5kg. Your smaller steps would be I will exercise 3 times a week for 30min each and I will plan a weekly healthy eating plan. Then your timeframe has to be set by when you would like to reach this goal.

I personally set aside time ME TIME every year, either at the end or beginning of the year. I take a notepad and write down my goals for each area of my life. The categories that I use are Family, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, Educational, Charity, Hobbies and Sports, Social, Health and Fitness and Career. Did you notice that I put work last? Eeeeek, oops not true! 🙂 Balance in all these areas is key to your success. Money but no friends, Charity but you cannot pay your bills, Education with no job etc. this is not a balanced life.

My 2019 goal setting I did at the end of 2018. I had such a tough and rough 2018 that I decided I want to start 2019 running. So far it has been amazing. Happy Dance. I got my mind into a Positive Default Mindsetting and so far everything I have planned is coming into being. Every time I hear my inner critic tell me that I am not good enough I shoo it away with a positive affirmation. For example, I say “I am worthy of uncovering my Magnificence!” If I fail on one of the days I always remind myself that tomorrow is a new day to start again but one thing I never ever do is give up and I don’t want you to either. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, tell yourself how worthy you are and start again.

I use Meditation with Visualisations to keep me going. Every morning I start the day with a Meditation on Positivity and Abundance. In my quiet time of meditation, I visualise reaching my goals. I use all my senses of smell, taste, touch, hear and sight. Don’t knock it till you have tried it. 🙂

It is very important to stay Mindful of your goals and why you want to achieve them. Mindfulness allows you to not only stay on track but also to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour once you have achieved them.

Last but definitely not least, always have the Attitude of Gratitude and give to the less fortunate. The more you give and appreciate the more you get back.

Wishing you an amazing year of success!

At Bella Donna we want you to THRIVE and not just survive.

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