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Are you feeling Frustrated?

The first step to eliminating your frustration is to look at what is bothering you. It sounds simple but unless you take time out to look at it and make a plan nothing will ever change. You are in control of your peace and calm, nobody else.

Is it something, someone or are you getting frustrated with yourself? Are you struggling with a relationship that just brings you pain and no joy, do you have financial woes and do not know how to sort it out, do you dislike your job, (to put it mildly) or do you not feel comfortable in your skin because of a lack of confidence or you feel overweight? These are just a few issues that could be making you frustrated or bringing you down.

During your day keep a notepad and pen with you. As soon as you start getting frustrated write down what or who is bothering you. This will assist you in narrowing down what is driving you crazy. Once you know the who or why you can start making plans to change the problem. Often we go through life not taking time out (mindfulness) to see what is bothering us and to make the necessary changes needed for improved Mental or Physical Health.

If you are in a toxic relationship you will have to take time out to think about what is going wrong. Is it something that maybe you are contributing to? The only way to improve it is by talking about it to the person involved. Try and see where they are coming from. Our past relationships, often from childhood, influence our future relationships and how we handle problems. If they do not want to talk or listen then you will have to get help from an expert or end the toxic relationship. It takes two to sort it out. If you are important enough to the person they will want to talk to you and sort it out. Relationships do not just miraculously improve on their own.

If you have financial woes you will then have to start by doing a Monthly Budget to see where you can save. You will also have to take time out to see where you are wasting your money. You can do part-time jobs like waitressing, you can make and sell things, you can buy and resell things, walk dogs in the evening or whatever it takes to get you over the financial hump. You can sell old things that are lying around your house. The options are endless. Communicate with whomever you owe money and ask if you can work out a payment plan to pay your debt off. There is always a plan, you just have to take time out to think about it and put your plan into motion.

If you are wanting to lose weight then take the money and time to get assistance from experienced people who can support you through the challenge and change. Book an appointment with a Dietician, join a Weightloss Group or get a weightloss coach. Sign up at the gym or get a personal trainer. These people are experienced in assisting you in reaching your goals. You deserve it. It is not only about losing the weight, but it is also about being happy in your skin. An extra added bonus is that you will also see your Confidence levels go up.

Are you the one frustrating yourself? Are you procrastinating? Are you lacking the confidence to make the changes? My advice to you is to start with small changes and work your way to eventually sorting all your frustrations out one small step at a time.

Frustrations are part of life but once you learn the skill of “Mindfulness” to take the time out to see what is bothering you and learning to put “Action Plans” in place to eliminate the frustration you will be set for life and very little will get you down for long.

‘You are worthy of Living Your Best Life!’

Sending You Good Vibes and Good Energy! Robyn Andrade Toms

Bella Donna Life Skills and Finishing Classes robyn@belladonnaclasses.co.za & www.belladonnaclasses.co.za

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