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Do you have a fear of Public Speaking? Be Courageous!

I did something very brave last week. πŸ˜Š

I completely stepped out of my Comfort Zone.

I attendedd the Courageous Public Speaking Course with the well known and loved Simon Ekin.

To speak in front of a group of strangers has always been my biggest fear.

At my cousins Wedding a few years ago all I had to do was read a poem.

I could feel my throat becoming constricted and I struggled to get my words out.

My heart was pounding on the outside of my chest. I felt horrible and never wanted to feel like that again. Fear held me back.

At my fathers 70th Birthday Party 3 years ago I just point-blank refused to do a speech.

Last year he passed away and I feel so guilty that I have lost my chance to do another birthday speech for him.

So I promised myself that by my Moms 70th next year I will be courageous, ready and equipped to deliver an awesome speech.

Hence the decision to do Simon Ekin’s Courageous Public Speaking Course.

On his course I was taken completely out of my comfort zone by singing in Newlands forest, (I am now a better singer – hallelujah) asking strangers for hugs, (which they loved and asked if we can come every morning for more hugs) delivering an impromptu speech to strangers in Cavendish Square (which happened to be in my favourite shoe shop – Aldo) and I have learnt so much more which has been absolutely priceless.

I have learnt the art of storytelling to make my speeches memorable.

I have found my authentic voice which I hid away, as I always said and did what I thought would be politically correct. 

We had so much fun, we laughed and we cried and I bonded with my 4 amazing new friends Simon, Mark, Marlyn and Niyaaz.

Have a look at our crazy video to get a glimpse into the fun us 5 nutters had.

If I had to choose one word to describe this experience I would say that I feel EMPOWERED!!!

What are you going to do today to get out of your Comfort and Fear Zone that is going to take you to another level or allow you to reach your goals and dreams?

I highly recommend signing up for Bella Donna Coaching and attending one of Simon Ekin’s Courageous Public Speaking courses if you want to improve your confidence levels,  find your authentic voice or up your game in all areas of your life. 

Details for Simon Ekin below:



Thanks for reading πŸ˜Š

Robyn Andrade Toms

Bella Donna Life Skills & Finishing Classes



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