Toxic Relationships

Are you stuck in a relationship that you know is not healthy for you and also effects everyone else around you?

I have had relationships in the past that I thought were special and loving.
I, unfortunately, was fooling myself.
My last boyfriend that I had before I met my husband used to criticize me the whole time.
I never did anything right whether it was how I closed a kitchen cupboard, wearing the wrong clothes or how I ate or what I ate etc.
I felt permanently on edge. He was systematically breaking me down until my confidence in myself was starting to wane.
He also had a bad effect on my other relationships. I started to feel isolated. This was his goal. Total control of me.
The day he locked me in his house and would not let me out I told myself that I will never be in this situation again, with this unhealthy control he had on me. I escaped from his house and made a decision that my next relationship would be filled with real love and RESPECT for one another.

If you are feeling unsettled the whole time then you need to start trusting your intuition.
Don’t undervalue yourself and then ask why am I being treated this way!!!
It takes two to tango and if your partner is not interested in sorting problems out or changing then as they say “They are just not into you.”

Setting boundaries and making a list of what you would like in a relationship and what you will not tolerate is key to getting what you are worthy of.
Mindfulness = taking time out to think about the type of relationship you would like. 

I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself with the perfect partner. In your mind’s eye, I want you to picture how you are feeling.
Picture the idyllic place that you are together. What you are doing and what you are saying to each other.
Now this picture that you have in your mind is what you deserve.

Trust me ….. you are worthy of true happiness and respect.
Live Your Best Life Today!
PS You are stronger than you think you are 😊#

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