What are You Waiting​ For? Create the Life that You Desire …. NOW :)

Your thoughts become your actions & your actions becomes your new reality!

I like to keep things simple. I find as soon as you start overthinking your goals and your action plan it can become very overwhelming. So how about sticking to the basics by taking one small bitesize step at a time?

Are You in for upscaling your life??? Is that a YASSS? OK, great let’s do this.

Step 1. FINDING YOUR PASSIONS It can be very difficult to find out what our true passions and callings are. You know why? We never take time to find out to be mindful. We are so busy going through the motions of life. If we do have 5 minutes to spare what do we do? We look at Facebook or Instagram. I am guilty of that too. It’s so addictive and so much easier to focus on others, watching what amazing lives they have but unfortunately it does not move you or me forward. As a Coach, my way of finding out what your true passions are is to ask you this question “What sets your soul on fire and fills your heart with joy?” When you can answer that question then you know in which direction you should go. Spend time around people and places that energise, motivate and inspire you. “Those who live passionately Teach us how to love. Those who love passionately Teach us how to live.”  – Yogananda

Step 2. GOALS AND ACTION PLAN On your new journey it is so important to take time out alone to plan your future goals. Get a Journal or Notepad and write down your goals on the left of the page. Then put actions and time frames by when you would like to achieve each one on the right of the page. If you don’t put a time frame it often does not get achieved as it stays pie in the sky. Us humans need deadlines to work towards. It’s just the way we are made up. 🙂 I can already hear you. “I do not have a quiet space to myself where someone is not walking in or harassing me. I do not have the time as I have so much to do.” Does this sound familiar? Trust me I know, between my Hubby, Children, Pets and who knows who else I do not get 5 minutes to myself either. Get out the house, go to a coffee shop or into nature, put your earphones in and play some music that stimulates your creativity. Take the time as you don’t want to look back later and say I wish I had taken some time to myself to plan my future. I wish I had made better plans for myself. This is Mama Bear here talking to YOU: If you do not make it happen, nobody else will. Everyone else moves forward and you don’t. This is very typical of Mothers. We put everyone else before ourselves. I used to do it but now it is my time for Growth and Self-Development. It is also my time to plan future travel, self-care and all the fun things I have set goals for and am working towards. Repeat “Do not neglect yourself and then feel sorry for yourself later. You are the only one to blame. You are in control of your destiny.”

Step 3. MINDSET Emotions are the most powerful energy you have. Successful people develop methods to harness their emotions. So step three is getting your head in the game. It does not matter what you are trying to achieve or how excited you are in the beginning. If your head is not in the game your confidence, energy & excitement will start to wane and when the negative inner critic arrives because it always does you will start to struggle. Especially when obstacles arrive or if you are not seeing change fast enough you start experiencing self-doubt. This is all completely normal but you have to try and have as many coping mechanisms in place so that you stay motivated. I use positive affirmations, I do positive mindset meditations, I go to the gym, I pump some happy music, I go for a walk outside, I visit a friend for coffee, I practice turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts every time they come up. Sometimes you also have to be your own cheerleader. I tell myself every morning how awesome and capable I am. Then BOOOOM off I go feeling on top of the world ……. feeling like I can take on the world.

Step 4. BE TRUE AND AUTHENTIC TO YOURSELF Celebrate YOU and be who you are. Be true to your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Stay fully present to who you are and what you would like to achieve. See yourself as one with your goal, and the goal as already achieved. Create the emotion of achievement, and use it to inspire you to move forwards. Use all your senses when visualizing your achievement. See it, smell it, hear it, taste it and feel it. It makes if all the more real and possible. Follow your intuition. If something does not feel right then follow your gut feelings as you are normally correct. Stay away from negative environments and people as they will just weigh you down and make you doubt yourself.

Step 5. SUPPORT I highly suggest finding your support crew who are available to Mentor, Coach or just listen to you when you need to talk or need advice. Everyone has their own specialty and talents. They will also support, motivate and inspire you in tough times. So, find your tribe that can assist you in areas that you are struggling in or need advice in. It is so much better when people are on the same page as you and talk the same lingo. I love nothing better than getting together with other coaches as that is my passion and that is how I learn and grow. Also, we speak the same Coaching Lingo. Other people will not connect or get it as the other coaches and I are on the same page.

Step 6. RESEARCH Keep researching your area of interest. The more you learn, the more you stay motivated and inspired to reach your goals. Read books, listen to Podcasts, watch YouTube clips, watch Webinars, Take short online courses, the options are limitless. Attend as many networking events in the areas that you are trying to grow and learn. Google is the best tool that was ever invented and guess what? It is for FREEEEEE! So much information on the WWW.

Step 7. STAY FLEXIBLE Just because you started something and it does not work or feel right it does not mean to say that you cannot change your mind or plans and goals. Go back to the drawing board and start again. That is the beauty of life. We have choices. Life is a continuous journey of new and exciting opportunities. So if something new comes along then try it out, it may be your calling. You will never know if you are too rigid with your plans and you do not give it a chance and try it out.

Step 8. LOVE LIFE AND LIFE WILL LOVE YOU BACK Don’t get so stuck on the technicalities of your goals that you forget to live life. Have fun. Maintain a work-life balance. Balance is my favourite word, in my life and in my coaching business. There is no point in excelling in one area of life but something else fails. Also, don’t forget that we have so much to be grateful for. So try your best to write down at least 3 things a day you are grateful for. Try to do some good for others too. Assist others in the goals that they are trying to work towards. Be kind. Smile at random people and say Hello. If you put out good energy and good vibes it will flow back to you. Life just works like that.

Wishing you the life that you have always been dreaming about. It is never too late. I have created my ideal life and so can you. Your time is now.

Robyn xxx #shinebright

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