Are you tired of feeling tired?

Are you feeling tired and ready to give up? I feel your pain….

We are all feeling tired, especially at this time of the year.
The thing is that this is the time of the year that you have to push through, as the way you end the year is going to be the way you will start the new year.
Do you want to choose to start the new year running or still trying to wrap up things from last year?
Or even worse is ruining everything you worked towards in 2019 and now have to restart in 2020 as you lost your mojo.

I know it is tough, you are probably feeling battered and bruised from life and you are feeling like you have got nowhere in a hurry.
I get it but…
At that exact moment when you are ready to give up, it’s the exact moment when things start happening for you.
This is not the time to drop the ball, this is where consistency comes into play.
If what you are trying to achieve is of your highest value, then you know it is worth trucking on for.

Passion is key to success.
If you are not really into what you are trying to achieve or if you are doing it to impress others it will not work.
Yes, there are some cases in every area of life where you have to do something that you are not really into but you realise that you have to do it to get to your next level.
This is where resilience comes in.

Resilience is where you push through the pain, push through failures or mistakes you have made, this is where you show your true character.
Do you choose to be a winner or a loser?
Resilience is not something people are born with.
Resilience is a choice that you make. It is a practice.
Successful people that you look up to, the ones you want to be…..
These people have failed many times, these people have made “fools” of themselves to reach their goals.
When I say made “fools” of themselves I am saying that they never give up, they have gone to where they feel uncomfortable, I am saying that they have gone into and through the fear zone.

Courage is what they have chosen, and they choose to go where nobody else wants to go. Now when you are reading the words “fear” and “courage” it probably sends a chill up your spine because you know what you have to do and where you have to go, and it makes you feel uncomfortable.
The trick is practice, practice and more practice and eventually, it is easy, and you actually start to enjoy your new skill.

Mindset is something you have to master to keep it all together as you are going to want to give up, you are going to have that inner critic encouraging you to give up, your mind is going to give you all these valid reasons why you won’t succeed.
You can choose to believe your inner critic, or you can choose to stay focused on all the good reasons why you will succeed and why you deserve to get what you are working your butt off for.
Ask yourself “Why not me, why do I not deserve success and happiness?”
Tell Yourself “It’s my time to rise and shine.”

“Get Excited” Don’t be all cool, calm and collected and hideaway.
Go crazy, plan your goal, visualize yourself achieving your goal.
Get friggen excited. To be honest, the fun and excitement is in the planning and working towards your goal. As you start gaining momentum and you start achieving what you are working towards you will feel incredible and energized.
It’s addictive and you want more and more. And you know what “You can have more, in fact, you can have as much as you want as long as you get excited and have a never give up attitude.
“Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.”
The only limits are the ones you set yourself.
Be Limitless.
Reach For The Stars.

Planning is the key to Success. Nothing happens without a plan.
Going aimlessly through life and then asking yourself “Why am I not achieving what I want?” It’s just crazy. Take a minute to think about it. Do you really think that people who have achieved success have not had a plan?
You don’t have to get complicated about it.
Keep it Simple. Get a piece of paper. Write down your main goal.
Next, write down small steps of how you are going to achieve it and boom go for it.
If you feel your plan is not working, then be flexible and change the plan to suit your needs.

Consistency is the answer to a life that will lead you to success in every area.
The trick is to not give up.
You are tougher and braver than you give yourself credit for.
If nobody has told you lately that you are capable and worthy, then I am telling you.
Choose to have a don’t give up attitude.
Choose to prioritize the planning of your goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
Choose to keep working towards your goal.
Choose to love the journey towards your goal.
Choose to be excited and not fearful of what you are trying to achieve.
Choose to bounce back when life throws you a curveball.
Consistency in Mindset and Action is the only way you will get to where you want to be.

Time to Live Life Today.
Time to choose You.
Time for Reach Your Goals.

You can do it.
Don’t give up.
You Deserve To Live Your Best Life.
Robyn xxx

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