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Are you feeling completely overwhelmed but oh so ready to leave the fear zone?

Step 1 is that you have to acknowledge and respect your feelings.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are being unreasonable.

Fears are there to guide you. To tell you that something is not right.

It is how you react to them that makes the difference.

You can choose to be continuously triggered and reactive to a negative situation or obstacle.

Or you can go OK I see you; I feel you but enough is enough and this fear is here to tell me that changes need to happen.

Let the fear guide you and help you to realise that you need to make a change or be forever hostage to what is making you fearful.

I am going to be very honest here I am also feeling fearful and overwhelmed at the mo as the world is topsy turvy and sometimes I feel everyone, and everything is going crazy.

When I feel this fear rising, I take a step back and go OK I am normal, I have feelings that need to be respected and understood but now I have to make a decision.

Will I allow it to affect my whole life and everyone around me or am I going to choose to be proactive and put things into place to change it.

The decision is yours and only yours. 

Use your fear, stress and worry to move you forward.

Most things that we worry about never happen.

Look back into your past and think about things that kept you up at night.

Those things that gave you the night sweats. 

Did they ever happen?

99.99999999% of the time they never happened.

So, we need to create a new way of thinking and a new way of doing things, especially in these tough times.

I am going to give you a few tips and ideas of things that have helped my clients and myself to move forward to a happier and more positive place in our lives.

  1. What are you telling yourself?
    Choose a Positive Mindset. Every time you start going down that road called negative take a detour down the road called positive until this is the only route your mind is used to taking. Your body and mind will create a new norm and will become allergic to the negative road and will only allow you eventually to go down the positive road. It takes practice at first but eventually it becomes the new norm.
  • Trust the Process. Choose to find the good in every situation. There is always a positive in everything that you experience in your life. Sometimes it is difficult to see it at first but trust me there is a reason for everything. Try not to rush everything.  Live in the moment and enjoy the ride. 

When we rush things, we miss out on so much beauty in our lives.

  • Improve your gut health. Your gut has a brain too. Did you know that? Well yes, it does, and you need to keep it healthy as it is continually communicating with your mindset. Eat local fresh and healthy food. The less processed and the less additives the food has the better for your body and mind.
  • Build up your immune system. When you are feeling stressed your body takes a knocking. Besides a healthy balanced eating plan and exercise get enough sleep to restore your body and mind. If you cannot give up the things that you know are not good for you then practice moderation. Sugar etc. I am not going to name them here. LOL!!! I don’t want to give you any more bad tips and ideas.                                                        If you start feeling tired and flu’ish then get some rest and up the Vitamin C. Wash your hands often to keep the germs at bay especially if you have a Chronic Illness like Diabetes, Asthma etc.
  • Exercise is an incredible stress release and a few extra added bonuses are that you get healthier, your confidence levels increase and your energy levels skyrocket. 

Happy Endorphins all around. 🙂

Exercise does not mean that you have to go to the gym so calm the heck down. LOL!   I am saying go for a walk along the promenade, go for a walk in your neighbourhood. Just get out and get some fresh air. 

Another bonus is to get your family involved. Great for bonding. 

  • Self-Care is so important in tough times. You need to take care of yourself as you cannot pour from an empty cup. We tend to do so much for others and leave nothing for ourselves. How can you be of service to others if you are tired, stressed and rundown??? 

Some ideas below for some self-love:

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hobbies
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Art Classes
  • Spending time in the company of people that lift your spirits, support and motivate you.
  • Get into nature.
  • Book a holiday for the end of the year and start saving towards it.
  • Give yourself a Facial, Mani and a Pedi.
  • Buy yourself a gift. Something you have been wanting for a long time.
  • Do a short course on something you are interested in studying.
  • Set Goals and Create a Vision-board.
  • Do a self-development course in an area you would like to grow.

The list is endless but one thing I can tell you is that you have to look after yourself. 

You only have one life to live. LIVE LIFE TODAY. 

What changes are you going to make right now to get yourself out of the fear zone and move to a happier, healthier and more peaceful life? 

Sending you loads of good vibes and great energy.



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