Love at first sight FACT or Fiction?

Love at first sight.. FACT or Fiction?

The beginning of any relationship is like out of a movie, the “Notebook” doesn’t even come close to all the amazing emotions bubbling up inside of you! Now you finally realize why musicals were created. All you want to do is sing your love out to the world. Unlike movies, however, after the credits roll, the popcorn is up and everyone desserts their seats you are left with a real-life relationship in your midst… So how do you know if it is true LOVE or just a big fat Infatuation?

If you want to get technical, an infatuation is an immediate attraction, sparks fly out of your head and you are short of breath. Why? Your body produces heaps of dopamine and adrenaline, this is why it feels as if your heart is going to pop out of your chest and into oncoming traffic. The connection you feel is completely based on superficial factors such as how gorgeous this human being, standing before you, looks in their skinny denim jeans. Some love stories do start this way and movies drill into our brains that this is what love is, but in reality, falling in love will look different for everyone. So how do we tell the difference?

10 Ways to distinguish between LOVE & INFATUATION…


  • Instant connection based on “Ken” like appearance.
  • Fantasizing about your future together after one look. What your babies will be named…
  • See perfection without knowing them. Your Brain “Good looks = Great personality!”
  • Not showing our true selves for fear of rejection.
  • Your Love is fleeting. Bye Felicia!
  • Infatuation turns to Lust, and then turns to Obsession.
  • You start to make your partner feel guilty for not being with you every second of every day.
  • Your emotions are solely dependent on the other person, you lose your confidence and yourself in the process.
  • Over exaggerated reactions, if you are happy small gestures are over appreciated such as a like on social media and if you are sad a small response to a big question may cause World War 3.
  • Everything you used to love goes out of the window: your friends, your hobbies, and your Goals.


  • This may not be an instant connection. These do exist.
  • There are no preconceived expectations of the other person.
  • Allowing them to see your strengths and weaknesses. Like how you can totally relate to “Bridget Jones Diary!”
  • Your love is unconditional. You are in it for the good days and the bad days.
  • Ever wake up and you have a beautiful pillow imprint across your head. All that your hair is missing is chirping wagtails. You can’t remember how that popcorn kernel got under the sheets, but the first thing you hear is “Good morning Beautiful”.
  • Love knows no distance or expiration date.
  • The love you have for the other person uplifts and motivates you to be better every day.
  • The more time you give your love to grow the stronger it will be.
  • You agree to disagree and respect each other’s opinions.
  • You are inspired by how the other lives and respect each other’s boundaries and alone time.

So whether you were swept off your feet or had a slight breeze flow past your hair make sure you are not stepping into dangerous obsession territory. If you are giving yourself serious Rebecca, from “The Roommate” vibes know you have gone too far! True Love is unwavering and unconditional, so if that is what you are looking for really take a look at who you are becoming in the relationship.


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