Friendship vs. Life


Gone may be the days of spontaneous road trips, staying at the bar until last call and day long movie marathons, but it doesn’t mean those friendships have to be.

Growing up is part of life, no big news flash. It still, however, comes as a surprise when you find yourself piled high with work, playdates and grocery lists reminiscing about the good old days.

True friendship’s like any relationship take effort, but it is worth it as they, unlike your family, are chosen. You bring out the best in each other, it is always a fun time whenever you are together, and they will always be there for you. That is if you haven’t let life get in the way….

So how do we keep our friends close when we are bogged down by the adulting life?

  • Empathy is key. If you friend has to bail on your plans DO NOT go all Mean Girls on them and mark out a special place for them in your “Burn Book”. Understand that unfortunately they have life to attend to and know that next time you have to bail on plans they would do the same for you!
  • So to make sure there are less chances of life getting in the way plan ahead of time with your bestie. Pick a date that you are both free and jot it down in your diary, so you can both plan life around your friendship. Instead of a face – to-face date you can make time every week for a ZOOM Gab & wine session.
  • This also means making compromises. You are going to have to learn to be flexible, but by meeting half way you can both enjoy the day stress free and have time to fully catch up without thoughts of deadlines, babies, or laundry pick-ups.
  • Be There! Now this may be tough but in times of crisis a person finds out who their true friends are. Think about it this way, if you were stuck in the middle of a dessert with no water, no cell service or no spare tire who would you call? That’s the friend you want to be, end of story.
  • This also counts for your friends big life events. You need to be there to celebrate with them and grow with them in their life journey. It would be weird if you were getting married and your wedding day your so-called bestie is on an island in Hawaii with her new bae, because your wedding came at an inconvenient time. LOL, I think BYE FELICIA!
  • Long distance can be a total bust for some relationships, but it doesn’t have to be. Plan once or twice a year to take a girls trip and pick a place where you can all meet in the middle.


  • Lockdown is a reality, but in the age of the digital economy if you and your bestie aren’t at least sending each other hilarious memes then I don’t know. There is no excuse to not at the least tag your friend in an inside joke or send them a gif to let them know you are thinking of them.


  • Last but not the least when you are in your friends company, be there. Yes, I know you are literally there, but be there in the moment. Don’t let life distract you from enjoying your time with bestie. Put your phone on mute, be present and actually listen to them.

 If you were wondering thinking about sending them something or getting in touch ISN’T THE SAME and it just doesn’t cut it!

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