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My life is spiraling out of control! I have no purpose! I’m feeling down and stressed.

Stress is a sign that something must change.

We are living in crazy times where we don’t know what the future holds.

Our lives have been turned upside down due to covid.

The good old-fashioned feeling of security has flown out the window.

It’s a thing of the past.

We try and control the circumstances and the outcomes of our lives, but it isn’t working.

I feel your pain. It’s not easy and very challenging.

I am a person who likes to have a mission.

I like to control how it will work out.

Sadly, life doesn’t work that way.

Stress and Insecurity often come from having no direction.

Also, from having the feeling of having no purpose.

I get you! I have been there too. 

Your confidence is on a low and your self-belief has done a dive bomb.

The one thing we do have control over … Hallelujah Praise The Lord …

Are our thoughts and what we do with them.

A thought becomes a word, A word becomes an action.

An action becomes something new and exciting to work towards 

and look forward to.

Let’s Take a Step Back …. Perspective!

If it’s not life-threatening then why are we stressing about it?

My saving grace has always been to:

Work through the emotions of what is bothering me.

I write it down.

I acknowledge it.

I make a choice of whether I can change it or not.

If I can I do and if I can’t I come to terms with that.

I cannot control some things or other people, 

but I can control how I will react to the situation.

Once I have done that introspection I move on to “Plan B” 🙂

I focus on my goals. This is a great way to put energy into the right places to move you forward and keep you positive. Keep YOU motivated. Yassss! Happy Days. 

Decide on your goals in each area of your life. 

From relationships to your career to finances etc.

Design steps to achieve each goal.

Start with baby steps and put them into action.

Every day I move one step closer and often unfortunately a few steps back. 

Oh, how I hate that. Sometimes you need to step away and take a break or it can become overwhelming.

I then start again the next day with another teeny tiny step.

I also pray and meditate daily on what I would like to achieve.

I visualize it becoming true.

I find that being in action gives me stress relief.

When I am idle and stressing away it sits on my shoulders like a ton of bricks.

The tension is overbearing.

Keep Busy! Find a distraction.

What do you love doing?

What lights your fire and gets you excited in the mornings?

Focus more on that.

Life is too short to waste energy on things you can’t change.

Live Your Life Today.

Do More Of What YOU Love.

Why? Because You Deserve It!

Shine Bright.



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