“Diet” Is A Swearword – My Weight-loss Journey.

I have always had an obsession with food. It must be my Portuguese heritage. Food is a big part of our lives. It brings families together. It’s a beautiful thing.

But as a teenager, I started to obsess about food and weight and that is where my problems started. I started to notice boys and then became self-conscious about how I looked.

So, my journey of dieting began. I tried all the fad diets. I would lose weight and then it wouldn’t be too long, and I would gain all the weight back on again, plus an extra few kg’s. It was a rollercoaster of up and down. This was not good for my body as that is when I started getting stretch marks all over my body. So instead of being happy, I was obsessed with my weight and food. I was very unhappy. A total contradiction of what I was trying to achieve.

This continued into early adulthood when I first started working. I joined a Contract Catering Company as a Trainee Manager. This meant I had to work and learn every aspect of catering from the bottom up. I started by working in the kitchen making and serving food. I loved every second of learning to make these divine and delectable dishes, desserts, pastries, and snacks. 

BUT… I started eating more than I was serving the food to our customers. Oh dear! I tried and savored everything. My weight went from 56km to 68km in 6 months. Boy was I unhappy.

This is when I decided I needed to make a plan and research healthier ways of eating. Eating food that was delicious but also food that I could eat for the rest of my life. It became a research project for me to create a “Healthy Lifestyle Eating Plan” and not a diet. Eating that was sustainable.  Eating where I could enjoy all foods from all food groups. In my book, the word “Diet” is a swear word that brings dread to my mind. I had been there, got the t-shirt and I knew that dieting would never work in the long run.

I had to get my mindset right.  Only once the mind is ready the body will follow. I decided that when I would have a treat I would eat it with no regrets. I would enjoy every morsel. I honestly believe we pick up more weight when our head is not in the game. My favourite words as a Life Coach are “Balance” and keep it “Simple.” As soon as we overcomplicate anything and overthink everything it becomes a drag.

I also don’t believe in eating anything that I do not enjoy. I would rather find other alternatives in that food group to eat.

My main advice would be to eat fresh and non-processed food as much as possible. The foods of today are highly processed and full of unhealthy additives and preservatives. It’s really not good for us.

I have basics that I eat and drink every day that have helped me to sustain my weight for over 30 years. The only time I have picked up a large amount of weight was when I had my 2 beautiful children.

So now I eat as healthy as possible most of the time, and I still have my treats in between.

I exercise about 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I don’t go extreme or lift heavy weights. I still believe like with eating that exercise should also be sustainable. Do exercise that you can do and maintain for the rest of your life. I do some dancing, some freehand boxing, lightweight dumbbells, and kettlebells. I do some core strength training.  I always stretch before and after exercising.  I add in some yoga moves to my routine to stay flexible.

Going for walks in nature is my favourite, either on the beach or in our forest close to where we live. It’s great not just for your body but for your mind and soul too.

Last tip: You have to move more than you eat. Simple but true.

Stop dieting and start the “Happy, Healthy and Delicious” Eating Lifestyle. Don’t overcomplicate it. Keep It Simple and Enjoy.  

Let’s teach our future generations to enjoy food and stop the unhealthy obsession with fad diets. Let’s teach them about being more active. Get them going for walks and getting into nature more often. It’s not only good for their physical health but their mental health too. 

“Food is to be enjoyed.”

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