The seed for Bella Donna was planted in 2008!

Bella Donna was originally designed to EMPOWER Young People in navigating the endless amount of obstacles and information that they were confronted with.

We saw the need to offer Etiquette Classes to enable them to be more self-confident in all areas of their lives.

We offer Beauty, Fashion, Entertaining, Goal Setting, etc. but from the 1st January 2018, we have added more subjects on Emotional Intelligence. We have also opened up our coaching to all age groups. We are finding that people are struggling under the pressure of what they are being confronted with in today’s times.
We have also added subjects like Stress, Anxiety & Depression Management, Self-Confidence and Resilience Subjects, etc. to our Coaching.

Our coaching offers not only theory but practical and fun activities to assist you in not only growing your outer beauty but your inner beauty too.

Our Goal and Passion is to assist You in thriving in all areas of your life so that you can become a “Successful, Self-Confident and Happy” individual.

At Bella Donna Coaching we believe that You should not only survive but THRIVE!