When signing up for my 6-week One-to-One Virtual Coaching VIP Package I will help you to transform your life and help you to attract what you have always dreamt about but fear has always held you back from getting started.

I will assist you in moving past what is blocking you from reaching your goals. Bring the joy back. Once we have achieved that then we move on to the juicy stuff of designing your future and I will help you to create the steps to achieve it.

Topics To Look Forward To That I Will Coach You On:

* How To Set Boundaries
* Improving Your Relationships
* Finding Your Voice
* Boosting Your Health & Fitness
* Unleashing Your Self-Confidence
* Mapping Out Your Future

What you will get from this one-to-one coaching with me:

* A strong sense of self and what you stand for and believe in

* Improved Confidence and Self-Belief

* You will feel Lighter,  Happier, and Healthier

* You will not allow people to walk all over you again

* Healthy Strong Relationships

* The confidence to speak up for yourself and voice your opinions

* More confident to try new things

* Techniques for handling stressful situations and people

* A roadmap of your future goals that you can work towards

If this is something that resonates and excites you then I cannot wait to work with you!


I have designed this course as I too came to a place in my life where I was still struggling to find my voice. I would sit in the corner and listen to everyone else. I was too afraid to state my opinions in case of ridicule. My self-confidence was at an all-time low. My inner critic had the best of me. Always telling me that I am not good enough. I am an imposter.

I also never set boundaries and people took advantage of me all the time, at work and in my personal life. Once I learned the skill of saying "no" my life changed. I am happier and more at peace. I learned to detox from places and people that brought me down. By doing this I have opened up space for the right people.

The more your self-confidence improves the more you will attract the right things and the right people in your life. It's like you are walking on air when you enter a room. People love your energy, and your positivity and they all want to be around you.

Goal Setting has always been part of my life. At the beginning of every year, from a very young age, I  put pen to paper and wrote down what I wanted to achieve. I can honestly and proudly say that I have always achieved my dreams and goals. I want to help you to achieve what you have always wanted and I want to show you the beauty and talent that you have within you that is bursting to come out and show the world.

I have successfully helped so many people to unclutter their lives and make space for the good stuff.

If you are ready to take the first step to transform your life then contact me at robyn@belladonnaclasses.co.za and we can set up a time to chat via WhatsApp.




Frequently asked questions:

1. How many days and hours are required to do the coaching?

It will be once a week for 6 weeks and the coaching lasts about an hour per session.

2. Cost of 6 week Coaching?

The cost is R3,000.00 or €170 or £152

3. What are some of the obstacles that a Life Coach helps to solve?
– Get over the Monday morning blahs.                                                                                                             -
– Find a job that you enjoy.
– Make a list of your life goals and design steps to achieve them.
– Maintain your commitment to your goals.
– Increase your participation in activities that interest you.
– Improve your relationships.
– Make your life more meaningful.

Most Importantly:

*** Energy Boost

*** Increase your self-confidence.

*** Improved Motivatiton

*** Bring the Joy back and Lust For Life