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Course Information

It is a treasure chest of invaluable information written for all women, young and more mature in assisting them in not just surviving but THRIVING!

This course will equip you with the tools needed to gain Self-Confidence, Self-Love & Succeed in all areas of your life.


My goal with this course is to assist all women with a holistic approach to making a success of their lives, as well as how to manage obstacles that they will encounter by teaching Mindfulness, Resilience and Stress Management techniques.

This course is a mix of Etiquette and Life Skills ranging from how to have healthy Relationships to Goal Setting, all the way through to Entertaining and Deportment. 

This course will give tips and tricks on Time Management, how to manage money successfully, you will also learn the art of conversation, how to be a great public speaker and how to excel in an interview. 

I have designed this course in a way that is fun and practical, with questions to answer and activities to do which makes the reader think and learn to solve the obstacles that they encounter and become self-starters and self-reliant. 

I have also included lessons on Modelling, Style & Image, Beauty & Make-up application to Health and Fitness as it is important to not just look good but feel great too. 

Once this course has been completed it will give you the confidence to walk into any situations in your personal life to the working world and succeed while feeling fantastic and having a great time. 

Your relationships in all areas of your life will thrive, especially the one with yourself. You will manage stress better and overcome whatever obstacles come your way.

This course is like the old fashioned bottom drawer we used to get before leaving home. It is never too late to live your best life.

If you are ready to walk into a room with confidence, looking and feeling amazing then this course is for you!
This is the complete confidence-building course where you will find your self-worth, realise your potential, find your voice and have the confidence to be authentically you as you work towards reaching your goals.

Included in the Course are 19 lessons:

Modelling & Deportment
Style & Image
Wellness- Health and Fitness
Feminine Hygiene
Event Planning
Public speaking
Art of Conversation
Resilience – Bouncing Back
Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Dream/Vision Boards
Goal Setting
Career Choices & Interview Skills
Money Matters
Getting Organised
Time Management

+ Bonus – Continuous support from me via WhatsApp Video or Chats.

This is a treasure chest of life skills that is priceless for any women no matter what your age is.

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