Are you ready to up your game?

Do you want to walk into a room filled with confidence?

Would you like to look and feel amazing?

If you answered yes to the questions above then our coaching is for you!
At Bella Donna, we want to help you create the life you are meant to live. We are passionate about making a difference. We believe with the coaching that we offer; you will thrive in any environment or situation you find yourself in.

We are Empowering You to believe in yourself and have the confidence to walk into any situation and flourish.

We encourage you to not only focus on your outer beauty but also in bringing out your inner beauty.

Bella Donna also offers coaching in Emotional Intelligence as we are passionate about assisting You in overcoming your obstacles quicker and easier while you navigate Life from the classroom to your secondary education and to the Business World. We Coach Etiquette subjects as well as practical Life Skills that will give you a 100% improvement in your life and put you a cut above the rest. The best part though is that we are going to have a lot of fun while growing our Mind, Body & Soul.

We are a group of women who believe in women helping each other to thrive. We value life long learning and creating a safe and comfortable space where you can share your story without judgment. We believe strongly in our client’s confidentiality, honesty & trust. Our Mission is to assist You in not just surviving but THRIVING in all areas of your life!

Bella Donna has been helping women reach their Full Potential & build their Self Confidence since 2008. We offer a variety of courses:

Modeling & Deportment
Style & Image
Wellness- Health and Fitness
Feminine Hygiene
Event Planning
Public speaking
Art of Conversation
Resilience – Bouncing Back
Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Dream/Vision Boards
Goal Setting
Career Choices & Interview Skills
Money Matters
Getting Organised
Time Management
As well as One-On-One Coaching Online.

Lastly, please do not put an age limit on your self-development. You’re never too young or too old to create the new you or your next chapter.  Each level of life is a learning curve. You don’t need to do this alone. We are here for you with a non-judgemental and loving ear.

It’s Your Time!

Contact Me for to book a One-On-One Coaching session or for more information:


Reminder: Life is about THRIVING not just surviving.

Robyn xxx