Online DIY Course

Time for Change – The “NEW YOU”

Are you tired of playing small, hiding in the shadows and feeling frustrated by not moving forward in your life?

Are you ready to redesign your life and begin creating your next chapter?

You have all these dreams and goals in your head but you just don’t know where to start.

You want and need the confidence and courage to take the next steps to a life of success & happiness.

You think that you don’t have all the tools and skills within you but I can tell you right now that you do.



If you are ready to walk into a room with confidence, looking and feeling amazing then this course is for you!
This is the complete confidence-building course where you will find your self-worth, realise your potential, find your voice and have the confidence to be authentically you as you work towards reaching your goals. Included in the Course are 19 lessons:

Modelling & Deportment
Style & Image
Wellness- Health and Fitness
Feminine Hygiene
Event Planning
Public speaking
Art of Conversation
Resilience – Bouncing Back
Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Dream/Vision Boards
Goal Setting
Career Choices & Interview Skills
Money Matters
Getting Organised
Time Management

+ Bonus 30 Minute Coaching Session!


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